Custom Computer Builds

It can be difficult to find a computer that meet your exact requirements off the shelf. At Infinite Tech Consulting we offer two types of custom computer builds


An upgrade computer build is where we take a computer or laptop that you have already purchased and enhance it by changing components within it to improve things such as performance, memory or storage. A few of the parts that can be upgraded are RAM and Hard drives. These do not have to be changed as soon as you purchase the computer but can be changed as do your needs.

From Scratch

A from scratch build is where we create the computer for you based on your needs. Each component for the computer is specially chosen to ensure that it works for you. From the motherboard to the hard drive.

We gather your requirements and will then create a computer for you based on these.

For all computer builds we do ask for 25% of the cost of parts in advance of any work being carried out.