Laptop/Computer Repair

When something goes wrong with your computer it is important to find someone you trust to fix it.

From the blue screen of death to computers running slow we assess the situation before committing to fix your computer. We always advise the best option and if we cannot fix it we do not charge you.

Our preferred option is to fix a computer away from your home as we do not want to charge you for our time just sitting watching your computer. If we are updating it for example we will just charge for the time we are actually working on your computer.

We can replace failed/failing hard drives and will take great care in replacing any hardware to ensure that no damage happens to the integral parts of your computer.

We will ensure you are kept up to date regularly with the progress of your computer and if you have any questions you are always free to ask.

What can we fix?

At Infinite Tech Consulting we can fix Laptops, Desktops, iMacs and Macbooks.

However, they must be outside of manufacture warranty and you must not currently be paying for a tech support policy with someone such as Currys/PcWorld, John Lewis or Apple.

Why can we not touch a computer in warranty or with a tech support policy?

We can’t touch a computer with a warranty or a tech support policy currently applied to it because this will invalidate your warranty or you support policy should you ever need to claim against this. All manufacturers and repair companies can see if a computer has previously been opened.